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501 Years of Reformation - Pilgramage to Wittenberg

We will pilgrim on the St. James's Trail along the old Via Imperii starting in the pretty asparagus town of Beelitz, just a 20 minutes train ride southwest of Berlin. The tour leads us through a rolling landscape of thick forests, open farmland, and small villages to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Here, Luther in 1517 apparently nailed a copy of his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church.

Route: Beelitz-Treuenbrietzen-Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Distance: ca. 66 km

Duration: 1 day (bicycle) to 3 days (on foot)

Arrival: Regional rail RB33>Beelitz / RE7>Beelitz-Heilstätten

Infos: Brandenburger Jakobswege, Beelitz, Wittenberg

Blick auf Burg Rabenstein

Forests, "Rummeln", and ancient Castles in High Fläming

Currently being planned!

All around the lakes "Kleiner" and "Großer" Lienewitzsee

This short round trip of roughly one hour seems just perfect for daily running or walking exercise or a relaxing stroll through enchanting woodland comprising mainly pines, beech, oak, and birch trees. Both lakes offer sandy beaches and invite for a swim. For only a little more time I am happy to guide you through the surrounding forested hills where an observation tower allows for stunning vistas over lakes and landscape and all the way to Potsdam and Berlin.

Route: starting in Lienewitz (near Michendorf)

Distance: ca. 5 km (w/o tower), ca. 8 km (with tower)

Duration: 1-2 hours

Arrival: Regional rail RE7>Seddin / RB22/RB23>Ferch-Lienewitz

Infos: Lienewitz

Forests, hills, lakes, and war memorials around Ferch

We will walk on sandy heather trails and narrow forest tracks passing through pine forests and mixed woodland between the towns of Beelitz and Ferch and to the quaintly located lake Teufelssee. Further we hike past a metal cross hidden in the woods that reminds of the tens of thousands who were killed here during the last great battle of Berlin between April and May 1945. Further we pass an old bunker before reaching forested hilly terrain with an observation tower on top. From here we'll go on to the two picturesque lakes "Kleiner" and "Großer" Lienewitzsee. Sandy beaches invite for a swim and rest.

Route: Beelitz-Teufelssee-Lienewitzsee-Observation tower

Distance: ca. 20 km

Duration: 5-6 hours

Arrival: Regional rail RE7>Beelitz-Heilstätten

Infos: War memorial, Ferch

Schloss Wiesenburg

From Bad Belzig via Hagelberg (201 m) to Wiesenburg 

Currently being planned!

Baitz bei Bad Belzig

From Brück to Bad Belzig

Currently being planned!

A night in the woods  

Where and when else can we feel true freedom and wildness of nature more than at night out in the woods under the stars. We will hike in "Hoher Fläming" natural preserve or elsewhere away from the next settlement and sleep under forest canopy and stars. There we listen to the nighttime sounds of trees, wind, and wild animals. Please ask for more Information.  

From Halbe to Elsholz - Finale of WW2 south of Berlin 

Following the break-out trail of the finally in 1945 shattered 9th Army of the German Wehrmacht out of the infamous pocket of Halbe, we will walk through this beautiful landscape and commemorate all victims of this barbaric war.

Route: currently being planned

Distance: ca. 60 km

Duration: 1 day (bicycle) to 3 days (walking)

Arrival: currently being planned

Infos: Battle of Halbe


Nature does not cost except for respectful and careful treatment. I am, however, grateful for any donation to cover our expenses. Everyone contributes as much as she / he can spare so that no one is being excluded and everyone may join us to walk in fresh air. All additional expenses beyond pure hiking such as costs for hotels, food, transportation, fees, tickets, etc. you please pay yourself.

Anker costs

Hiking in wolf territory and for protecting wolves 

Wolves  are fascinating animals and symbols of wilderness and true freedom. Of great ecological importance, this homecoming Apex predator embodies power, intelligence, determination, and beauty but also stunning family values such as loyalty, care, and tenderness. So it's not surprising that people feel this mystic urge to see wolves in the wild. This desire I will try to meet, also to stave off ancient and recently fueled angst towards these shy and highly protected animals. The wolf is one of the wildest and shyest animals in the northern wilderness, according to David Mech, renowned US American wolf expert. It will thus not be easy even here in Brandenburg to observe wild wolves. But even finding their tracks or sensing their presence is worth the try and hike.

Route: Round trip from Beelitz-Heilstätten

DIstance: ca. 10 km

Duration: 2-3 hours (hike)

Arrival: Regional rail RE7 to Beelitz-Heilstätten

Infos: Wolves in Germany

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