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About me

Natural science moves.


I am an agricultural and natural scientist. Exploring nature, grasping and living ecology, protecting the environment, and enjoying wilderness I call my passion. I aim contributing to the preservation of life and diversity on our planet. To succeed, more people are needed who get back in touch with nature. People will protect only what they love. Unfortunately, many people today in the industrialized world have lost touch with and love for nature. Rather inside than out, rather city than countryside, rather driving than walking, rather apps than steps, rather technology than ecology, rather shopping than jogging. Experiencing nature and exercising outdoors fall short and as a result, health and happiness deteriorate. On the other hand, living in touch with nature benefits happiness and wellbeing. So I like to return nature back into peoples' hearts, soul, and muscles. This will aid man and nature. Nature protection means self protection. Protecting nature protects you. Hippocrates and Paracelsus already knew, the art of healing derives from nature not doctors. In tact of nature to intact stature. I look forward hiking with you outside rather than leaving you lonesome inside.











Generating knowledge about nature and communicating it while hiking are very important tasks to me. But protecting nature and wilderness really needs strong communities of like-minded people so we can efficiently defend "our" natural environment and planet against the destructive forces of human greed and powerful economic and political interests. Therefore, I am proud to support dedicated nature protecting groups and eco activists. Mentioned herein are our citizen initiative Allianz Wolf Brandenburg", "BI Naturwald" im Verein "Waldkleeblatt-Natürlich Zauche", the "Initiative für die Natur", or the "Arbeitskreis Hallesche Auenwälder".

Dr. Hans-Holger Liste


+ Born in 1963, Germany

+ Abitur (Highschool diploma) 

+ Military service, three years

+ Diplom (M.S.) in Agronomy (Crop Production), Humboldt University Berlin

+ Doctorate and Habilitation in Soil Ecology, Humboldt University Berlin

+ Postdoc and Research Associate, Cornell University, NY 

+ Freelance researcher, teacher & consultant in Soil Ecology & Phytotechnologies

+ Passionate hiker and backpacker throughout Europe & North America

+ Outdoor enthusiast, nature lover & hobbyist photographer

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